If you want to give your air conditioner the longest possible lifespan, then it’s time to consider AC maintenance in Tinley Park, IL. Giving your AC a tune-up every year will extend its lifespan and reduce the risk of a breakdown.

Our area is known for having all four seasons, and our summer weather can be quite hot and humid, making a working air conditioning system a must.

Since breakdowns tend to happen in the hottest part of the summer, not on a cool spring afternoon, you’re going to want to ensure your unit is ready to deliver reliable cooling throughout the summer months. The best way to invest in an AC tune-up is with the help of a licensed and certified HVAC technician.

What to Expect at a Tinley Park AC Tune-Up Appointment

When you schedule an AC maintenance appointment, you can expect a uniformed technician to come to your home with all of the supplies to perform thorough testing of your unit. The technician will inspect your system inside your home first, tightening connections and checking for signs of wear and tear.

If it’s time to have your furnace filter changed, they will do that as well. Then, they will head outside and check the outdoor unit in the same way. They’ll also clean the outdoor unit, which is important after a winter gathering dust, and top off the coolant levels.

Finally, the technician will test the output and ensure everything is working properly. This process will ensure optimal performance and remove some of the grit and grime that could be hurting your indoor air quality.

The best time to schedule maintenance is in the spring. Not only will this give you more reliable cooling all season long, but it will help you beat the summer rush.

Benefits of investing in AC maintenance each year:
  • Extended lifespan for your unit
  • Fewer breakdowns
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Better home comfort
  • Fewer repair needs
  • Improved indoor air quality

Trustworthy AC Tune-Up Services in Tinley Park

If you are ready to schedule your annual tune-up for your air conditioning system, count on the team at Zark Heating & Cooling. Our certified HVAC techs have been serving the area since 2008, and we know what it takes to keep air conditioning systems working well.