Media Filters in New Lenox, IL
June 20

How Media Filters Outperform Standard HVAC Filters

If you’re worried about indoor air quality (IAQ), a media filter may be the perfect addition to the HVAC system in your New Lenox, Illinois… View Article Read More

Family looking at HVAC diagram in New Lenox, IL
May 19

Everything You Need to Know About HVAC System Diagrams

An HVAC is a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. It helps make your rooms or home comfortable by cooling, heating, cleaning, or drying the… View Article Read More

Air Filter in New Lenox, IL
April 19

Tips for Enhancing Your Indoor Air Quality This Spring

As the warm spring weather starts to shine through, people with allergies are starting to notice symptom flare-ups. While you can’t control the air outside,… View Article Read More

Air Filter in New Lenox, IL
March 14

How Frequently Should I Replace My AC Filters?

Owning a home comes with a lot of responsibility and maintenance. Maintaining your HVAC system is one of the most important tasks. Air conditioning filters… View Article Read More

February 15

5 Signs That Your HVAC System Needs an Upgrade

Most homeowners rarely think about their HVAC system unless it breaks down, affecting the indoor temperature. But for one of the biggest assets in a… View Article Read More

HVAC Troubleshooting Tips in New Lenox, IL
January 12

Tips for Troubleshooting Your Residential HVAC System

If your HVAC system simply doesn’t turn on at your thermostat, you’ll want to start by checking the power. If the breaker for your HVAC… View Article Read More

Home Winterization in New Lenox, IL
December 16

Protecting Your HVAC System From Snow and Ice

While the weather has been mild this season, ice and snowstorms can come on in just minutes. Without proper care, a winter storm can seriously… View Article Read More

HVAC Contractor Questions in New Lenox, IL
November 17

Questions to Ask an HVAC Contractor in New Lenox, IL

As a homeowner, you likely have a heating and cooling system that helps to keep your home’s environment comfortable throughout the year. To ensure that… View Article Read More

Furnace Maintenance in New Lenox, IL
October 20

5 Ways to Get the Most Value From Your Furnace

When the cold air of the winter months arrives, it’s important to have a furnace that you can consistently rely on. If you’ve recently chosen… View Article Read More

Furnace Maintenance in New Lenox, IL
September 20

How Furnace Maintenance Works

It’ll be cold outside before you know it. This means that right now is the opportune time to have your furnace maintenance appointment. When your… View Article Read More