Having a ductless mini-split in Homer Glen, IL, may be a good idea, depending on what your situation is. Some homeowners opt for a ductless mini-split heat pump when they only need a few rooms heated and cooled, while others may get one to augment a preexisting central system. And then there are those who know that ductless units, despite their high initial cost, are a great investments in the long run.

Our technicians at Zark Heating & Cooling will discuss your circumstances and help you arrive at an informed decision.

Let’s first describe what a mini-split is. It’s technically a heat pump, so it transfers heat energy either from the home to the outdoors or vice versa. It has three components to make this happen: the air handler inside, the compressor outside, and a refrigerant line connecting the two. Traditional heat pumps, of course, come with vents that branch out through a home, but a mini-split is meant for a single room.