When you think of air pollution, you probably think of cars and factories spewing hazardous materials into the air. The truth is that the air inside your home is likely much worse than what it is outdoors. Considering how much time you spend inside your home, you should take preventative steps to keep its air quality as high as possible. Here are some simple things you can do to improve your indoor air quality.

Change the Air Filter

Most people don’t think about the air filter in their heating and cooling system. There are many reasons to change the air filter often, seeing as doing so improves the air that circulates inside your home. The air filter traps dust, pet dander, pollen and other pollutants. Change it at least every three months, and more often if you have pets or have allergies.

Clean Your Air Ducts

Dust, dirt and other debris can accumulate in your air ducts over time. They may not have been properly installed or have developed holes and gaps. This lets in airborne contaminants into your home.

You should remove the registers at least once a year and clean them. Vacuum the ducts as far as you can reach. You may need to hire a professional to thoroughly clean your ducts, or to seal them to keep out contaminants.

Use the Vent When Cooking

Cooking can release many indoor air pollutants into your home. Whether you’re using your oven or burners, turn on the overhead vent. You can also open a nearby window to help remove these pollutants from your home.

Schedule Preventative Maintenance

One of the reasons to schedule preventative maintenance of your heating and cooling system is to help improve and maintain your indoor air quality. The technician will clean critical parts as one step in this task. They’ll also replace the air filter if it’s dirty.

Zark Heating & Cooling in New Lenox, IL performs this kind of preventative maintenance. If you have an air conditioner and furnace, we recommend having the furnace tuned up in the fall and the air conditioner in the spring. This will prepare them for seasons where they’re needed and used the most.

Keep Carpets and Rugs Clean

Your rugs and carpets trap dust, dirt, and other air pollutants. You should vacuum them at least once a week to remove these pollutants and keep your indoor air quality high. You may even want to shake your rugs outdoors to remove even more pollutants from them.

Ventilate Your Home

When you open windows, you let in fresh air that will circulate throughout your home. As new homes are tightly sealed, they often don’t have enough fresh air circulating through them. Try opening a few windows for at least 15 minutes every day to keep fresh air circulating in the home.

Replace Your Air Conditioner and Heater

Sometimes, an old air conditioner or heater can reduce the indoor air quality of your home. Maybe you bought a home and the previous owners didn’t have their heating and cooling appliances properly maintained. Not only can new appliances improve the air quality in your home, but the ones produced nowadays are much more energy efficient than older ones.

Use Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are a great way to improve your home’s air quality. They are especially helpful for people who have allergies or respiratory conditions like asthma. Depending on the air purifier, it can have different types of filters that remove different types of air pollutants.

You can have an HVAC company install a whole-home air purifier. They put this device into the ductwork, through which all the air in your home circulates. These are silent devices that need little maintenance.

Control Humidity

High humidity creates an ideal environment for mold and mildew to grow in your home and cause indoor air quality problems. While an air conditioner reduces humidity, it may need help if the area you live in is very humid. You can purchase individual dehumidifiers or have an HVAC company install a whole-home dehumidifier.

At Zark Heating & Cooling, we repair, replace, and tune up air conditioners and heaters. Our other services include ductless mini-splits and improving indoor air quality. Our products include air conditioners, heat pumps, furnaces, packaged systems, and geothermal systems. Get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can help your family.

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