It’ll be cold outside before you know it. This means that right now is the opportune time to have your furnace maintenance appointment. When your technician enters your home, they will do two main things for each part of your furnace: inspection and cleaning.

During the inspection phase, they will make sure that the part in question meets the safety and performance standards of a furnace and then correct any minor issues. During the cleaning phase, your technician will remove dust, soot, and other particles from the parts of the furnace that require clean surfaces to operate efficiently.

Cleaning and Lubrication

After such a long time inactive, your furnace needs much care to ensure that it can work well again. That means your technician will lubricate all of the moving parts and check the airways. That includes checking the air filter and cleaning or replacing it if it is damaged. They will also examine the air vent system and air intake grille, cleaning them and making suggestions as to when they should be cleaned again.

In terms of cleaning, there are three main areas that will typically need cleaning during every maintenance visit. The first is the plenums, which send air into the rooms of your home. Your technician will clear these metal boxes connected to your furnace of debris, including mold.

The furnace cabinet is another part that should be clear every time. While the cabinet itself isn’t necessarily an integral part of your furnace, if it’s dirty, it could decrease the performance and efficiency of your furnace. Your technician will also clean the flame sensor before the inspection because if soot builds up on the sensor it can prevent the furnace from working.

After cleaning all the major parts of your furnace, your technician will move on to the inspection. Sometimes, different inspection levels are available to families with a history of respiratory issues and allergies.

Inspection During Furnace Maintenance

Your technician will check the essential parts of your furnace. That includes the safety controls and other electrical connections, like the burner flame sensor. They will look for any loose or disconnected wiring and then fix it on the spot. In addition, they will test the thermostat to see if it is accurately gauging the temperature. If not, they will calibrate it.

Your blower motor and its components will get a considerable amount of attention. It will need examination and removal of any debris left over from years of use. They will also examine the amp draw and ensure that humidity and poor air quality issues won’t plague your home.

Another critical step is to check the condition of the heat exchanger. After years of use, your heat exchanger is vulnerable to damage created by the expanding and contracting created by fluctuating temperatures. If it were to develop cracks or snap, there could be an extreme health hazard to those in your home. Therefore, your HVAC technician will suggest a replacement or repair if there are signs of damage.

Last but not least, your technician will inspect the belts on your furnace. First, they will look for any signs of weakness or cracks that would cause your belts to fail. After that, they will ensure that the tension of the belts is enough to hold tightly to the pullies. In addition to that, the pullies themselves will be adjusted in order the align the whole system.

A gas or oil furnace will require a few more steps. These steps include checking your pilot or electronic ignition and inspecting your gas pressure and burner. Finally, they will check your fuel lines for leaks. This step is extremely important because a leak is dangerous to everyone in the house.

We recommend that you have furnace maintenance at least once a year. Yearly maintenance serves as a preventative measure against inevitable wear and tear. In addition, maintenance will help to lengthen the lifespan of your furnace and save money by keeping its energy efficiency as high as possible. So this fall is the perfect time to show your furnace some love.

It’s Time for Fall Maintenance

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