Count on Zark Heating & Cooling to install your home’s new Air Scrubbers in New Lenox, IL. Following a regular dusting and vacuuming routine may not be enough to maintain healthy indoor air quality. Your home could be several more times contaminated than your outside environment, which can result in your family experiencing “sick building syndrome.”

A high pollutant level may leave you itchy, fatigued, and perpetually sneezing. Protect your family’s comfort and respiratory health this season with scrubbers and whole-house fans.

West Chicago Suburbs Air Scrubber Installation

Air scrubbers are a type of air purification system that targets contaminants in your breathing air. They can neutralize a wide range of pollutants, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs), spores, dander, pollen, and viruses. A whole-house air scrubber has an inner chamber full of rods covered in titanium oxide.

Located between these rods is a UV light, which works by targeting the bacteria’s DNA. When your HVAC system kicks on, air travels into your ductwork and through the air scrubber. Once it’s purified and then heated or cooled, the air comes back out of your ductwork free of odors and germs.

Some systems release negatively charged ions into the air that then attract positively charged contaminants. Essentially, your air scrubber can send out good particles to grab harmful debris and pull them into the filtration process. This is a significantly effective way to keep your counters, surfaces, and even your doorknobs cleaner.

Keep an eye out for these warning signs your home may have poor indoor air quality:
  • Unexplained cold symptoms
  • Frequent humidity issues
  • Lingering foul odors
  • Fluctuating energy costs
  • Recent mold or mildew issues

Whole-Home Air Scrubbers are permanent fixtures inside your home’s HVAC Ductwork. Many models emit sound between 20 to 60 decibels, and they don’t require a lot of energy. These systems are perfect for homeowners who want consistent air quality all year long.

They require little maintenance or service and will usually only need a UV light replacement about once every 12 months. Unlike a portable air scrubber, whole-home systems don’t often come with additional filters that need cleaning or replaced.

In addition to air purification systems, you should also consider looking into whole-house fans. These systems reduce your need for air conditioning and guarantee exceptional ventilation. Stale air is a huge contributor to air quality issues.

To prevent your air from going stagnant, a targeted ventilation system will sweep out old odors and VOCs from your cooking, pets, and other common culprits. You can also count on your fans to remove dangerous gases or pollution that would otherwise negatively impact your household’s health.