Our professionals at Zark Heating & Cooling are ready to install your home’s new UV lights in New Lenox, IL. The quality of the indoor air you breathe air plays a huge role in your family’s health, energy level, and ability to concentrate. Too many airborne pollutants and particulates can rile up your allergies and leave your home dirty or foul-smelling. A UV light installation is a great way to stop bacteria before it infects your living spaces.

New Lenox, IL. & West Chicago Suburb UL Lights

While there are many effective air purifying systems available on the market today, UV or germicidal lights are unique in that they utilize powerful ultraviolet rays. The three types of UV radiation include UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C. When you wear sunscreen to stop your skin from burning during the summer, you’re blocking UV-A and UV-B. The strongest of the three, UV-C rays, can effectively target and neutralize microscopic germs and bacteria.

We’ll install your germicidal lights either in your ductwork or the air handler. As air comes into the system, it will pass beneath the sanitizing light. Pathogens then absorb the UV-C rays, which disrupt the germs’ vital DNA. Without functioning DNA, the bacteria or mold spores become neutralized and will be unable to reproduce.

Here are a few amazing benefits of installing a new UV light system in your New Lenox home.
  • Lessens VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in the air
  • Limits buildup in your HVAC system
  • Reduces the need for HVAC repairs
  • Keeps your family healthy and comfortable

The two main varieties of UV lights are coil-sanitizing lights and air-sanitizing lights. Coil-sanitizing options sit inside your HVAC system near the evaporator coil. They’re considered the more common, less expensive option and come in the form of long fluorescent lamps. The evaporator coil, which holds the liquid refrigerant needed to provide cooling, is frequently exposed to moisture and germs. When you install a UV light above or beside this essential component, you limit any fungus or bacterial growth that could lead to corrosion. These lights stay on 24/7 and come in both single and dual-lamp units.

Air-sanitizing lights can look like coils or even like horseshoes. Installed inside the ductwork, they clean the air from the return vents before it’s pulled into the main HVAC system. In many cases, air-sanitizing lights connect to the blower and only kick on in sync with its motor. This tends to be the more expensive option, but these lights are also more efficient at directly cleaning the air.