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March 11

Does UV Light Kill Mold and Improve Indoor Air Quality?

Battles with mold in your New Lennox, IL home should be relatively short-lived. Every successful mold treatment starts by identifying the underlying source of excess… View Article Read More

Indoor Air Quality services
June 13

Breathe Clean Air All Year Long

When you feel perpetually tired or suffer from unexplained health concerns, you don’t often think about your indoor air quality, but it may be the… View Article Read More

AC blowing warm air in New Lenox, IL
February 17

UV Lights for Air Purification: Great Benefits With Moderate Cost

Installing a UV light system is an effective way to improve your air quality and reduce the risk of airborne contaminants. UV light systems can… View Article Read More

Humidity Levels in New Lenox, IL
September 20

How to Regulate Humidity Levels in Your Home

Moisture levels in your home can greatly impact your health, your comfort, and even your wallet. Too much humidity can lead to mold and mildew… View Article Read More

Media Filters in New Lenox, IL
June 20

How Media Filters Outperform Standard HVAC Filters

If you’re worried about indoor air quality (IAQ), a media filter may be the perfect addition to the HVAC system in your New Lenox, Illinois… View Article Read More